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Welcome to Sparrow Herbs


Our team at Sparrow Herbs has been researching the use of herbs to improve health, life and wellness for over 15 years. Many of the years have been spent under the tutelage of well known Amish herbalist Solomon Wickey in Auburn, Indiana.  People have benefited from the healing properties of herbs from the time man began walking the earth.  Sparrow Herbs, incorporated in 2005, is dedicated to providing an effective, affordable and 100% natural approach to maintaining overall health in today’s world.  Our company prides itself on using only the purest, highest quality nutrients obtained from medicinal plant parts to insure the highest levels of positive results.

Customers are the number one priority at Sparrow Herbs.  Over the years we have established ourselves as a company that provides reliable, affordable, quality products.  Check our labels!  You won’t find any fillers, sugar, preservatives or coloring in our mixtures.  Our blends contain only the highest grade therapeutic herbs.  Our qualified staff looks forward to providing you with friendly service, supportive communication and timely deliveries to help speed you on your way to a healthier life!

Mission/Quality Statement

At Sparrow Herbs our mission has remained unchanged from the day we started studying herbs; to make available the highest quality and purest form of therapeutic herbs to those seeking a natural path to a healthy lifestyle, to reach out to those who are suffering and seeking wellness and a higher quality of life, to strive to make every encounter with our clients a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

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